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Brew&Buzz is an action word which expands to “Brew-ing strategies to create a Buzz”. In more detail, Brew&Buzz is a strategic marketing company that helps consumers of the digital age bond meaningfully with your brand and vice-versa. Our creative, dynamic and experienced team will offer your business doable and growth-oriented solutions.

The word ‘brew’ has been used in reference with ‘brewing a beer’ or ‘brewing a beverage, mostly tea or coffee’. Even in slang, brew means a beer.

But, our teams’ creative brains thought of brew more as an act of mixing strategies / methods to achieve a perfect buzz. 

Our Services

360° Marketing

For personal brands, and small to medium sized businesses, we offer bespoke services in digital and non-digital marketing. 

Digital Management

If your looking for a quick and sustainable relief from multi-channel marketing, content development, tracking analytics and staying up-to-date then hit the button below.

Content Development

“Content is King” said Steve Jobs. Well, compelling content is that which clearly communicates an impactful story or information. Outsource your work to us to find your buzz!

Looking for Consultation?



Business Starter

1. Digital Business Management setup (Website / Ecommerce)

2. Brand Kit

3. Web Development (Portfolio/ Ecommerce)

4. Basic Analytics setup

5. Email integration

6. Content Development

7. Social Media Management


Business Growth

1. Strategic Marketing Consultancy (incl. execution on retainer basis)

2. Detailed Analytics

3. Advanced integrations

4. Email marketing with sales funnels

5. Influencer Marketing

6. UI & UX redesign as per analytics

7. Meta. Linkedin, Google Ads

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Our Team

Mohanish J

Managing Partner

Parth J

Managing Partner

Shruti R

Organisation Manager

Nikhil K

UI / Packaging / Others Designer

Krish S

Digital Projects Manager

Darshan R

Video / Animation Editor

Dr Keerti Dang Longani

Advisor -
Marketing and Branding Communications

Harry D'Antonio Dry

Advisor -
Global Creative Cultural Industries

Kanishk A

Advisor -
Legal & Digital Policies